Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 ....

so this year i hope we can do all those things we love to do as a family
i know we will be going here .....

the boys hope we can go here again but this time we will remember earplugs ...

OMG it was loud !!

This is the field behind our house ... can you spot the deer ??
The boys had binoculars for xmas so they can spend hours animal watching
As you know we live right on the edge of the Peak national park
so you would think were out all the time .. but no what with work and the like .
We do get out sometimes but
we dont really get to spend as much time enjoying were we live as we would like !!

this next one is the whole families second favourite thing to do

as you can see Kitty loves it !!
what pulling faces you ask ... no walking up mountains !!!
This is Kitty on Snowdon on Christmas day a few years ago
( the dates not right the stupid camera puts any date it feels like and sometimes wont let me take pictures with the date on at all !!)
so i hope we can enjoy some great family time together !!

I also hope that my little business will grow
the website will finally be finished (its nearly there just a few more adjustments )
i want to build up a good amount of stock so im not always on the last minute !!!
i have just made my first sale of 2008 so heres hoping it continues .

so heres to a very successful 2008 for all of us !!!

oh did i say ive bought my wrapping paper and gift bags for next Christmas
ive got my new calender up .... Charlie and Lola of course !
my work desk is clear and ready for work to start .

cheers so much

Sara x


Vanessa said...

I need to sit down! For once you seem to be more organised than me, how could this happen?????????????

I'm nursing a tired and hungover head this afternoon, and guess what Mary Poppins in on ITV so Eve's in heaven!

saraeden said...

I told you i was going to be organised this year !!!!

Dont worry it wont last i will get side tracked by something shiny somewhere and my sewing obsessions will kick in again :0)

me x x