Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

So its nearly New Year !!
this year is a biggy for me
Im 40 this year !!

im not really into new years resolutions but i do love lists ;0)
so here goes a bit of my new year list with some thoughts for the year chucked in randomly !!

Im going to get my business organised and making some proper money ... that will please Chrissy !!
I have had a greatish year , ive made lots of new friends from my blog which did have a dodgy start and very nearly didnt happen !!
I started my first blog just after last Christmas but it was just one problem after another so i gave up with it
Then we got a new pc which was a joy to use ... yeah right !!
Actually the first few weeks were a bit iffy but i managed in the end to re-start my blog and get my head around it all !!
I was and still am a lurker myself and iam going to make the effort to leave comments were ever i go this year ... honest !!
I have also decided to make more one off pieces for my website which is having a bit of a makeover and a stock up !!

i shall still be doing these cute little bags

but i want to make more of the bears and rabbits

and i have lots of new things i want to try .... so as they say watch this space !!!

anyway its time for a little drinky were having Babycham a bit of a family tradition
i even bought party straws and we have some fireworks left for tomorrow for the kids !!

So all thats left is for me to wish you all a Happy New Year .... yay !!!
Heres to 2008 !!


Picture it in Stitches said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Look forward to catching up with you soon. Sarah xx

Vanessa said...

Hope u had a good start to 2008! I am feeling a little delicate this morning, but I still have time to read the blogs!

Thanks for being a great friend this year!

ENJAY said...

Hi, I found you while browsing the crafty blogs, my daughter is called Eden! I love your bags they look great! Welldone.
Enjoyed browsing through your blog.xx