Wednesday, 2 January 2008

what do you think ?

I have given my website a bit of a new look !!
Please tell me what you think ??
Theres a little bit of a sale on there and im also putting new things on as well !!

I think it will be babys bibs and some very practical shopper bags ... sorry for the
shameless promo post but if i dont tell you what im doing then how will you know !!

As the kids are off school till next week and Chrissy has gone back to work ... cheek of it eh !!
things are going at a slow pace still but i am getting there eventually
in between trying to get housework done and catch up with emails
the kids are bored the weather is crappy but it has given a chance of snow this week ... fingers crossed we get loads !!!

i have spent some time over the holidays looking at the photos of the things ive made over the past year .... i never realised i had made so much and sold so much
## if you bought from me then heres a huge big thank you ##
I suppose if i hadnt bought sooo much fabric then i think my bank balance would be a lot happier so this year i will try and use a lot more of this

and believe me this is only part of it !!
I have also added to my ever growing pile of Japanese fabric
i have only bought a few pieces ... honest !!

oh forgot to say the two cute postcards are what i picked up just before
Christmas x x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your new look!!!

Here's hoping 2008 will bring you all the happiness your heart can hold! :)

*Hugs* Dara