Saturday, 19 January 2008

oh for a tape measure !!

If i only i could find mind tape measure .... i have spent the last god knows how long trying
to find a tape measure !!!!!!!!

update on the missing tape measures
i had to get twin 2 out of bed and he found one straight away !!!

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Lesley said...

I have two of my own that are kept entirely separate from hubby's eight! However, when he asked if he could borrow one of mine this week they seemed to have disappeared and he was frustrated with me that I could not find them!!! Until I explained that the only place they could be was in his shed - he went very quiet after that!!

By amazing coincidence I went to my friend's house last night & she gave me a belated Christmas present - a flowery girlie tape measure! Don't think he'll want to borrow that one ;)

Lesley xx