Monday, 31 December 2007

still here ...

sorry i havent been around much

i have a new obsession (sorry V )
i have been trying to find out more about my grandparents
who apart from my Nana died when i was young !!!
oh how i wish i had listened more to the stories that i was told about who lived where and who did what etc !! .
i am an only child and having no-one left behind me
(except my mum but we wont go there !!)
i feel that my kids and Chris have lost out .... my Dad would have loved Chris and Kitty
he only met her twice before he died !!
So i have to find out what i can for the both of us and the kids !!

Hey Vanessa ive started with the lists and the business promo already !!!
im going to try my best this year to get the business organised
yes i did just use that word ... organised !!!

off to get some plastic wallets for my receipts
shocking isnt it me be organised :0)

lots of love
Sara x x


mollycupcakes said...

Happy new year Sara,
Have a lovely time with Kitty and Chris.
And your Grandad will be with you in your heart and soul.

See you in 2008 x

Catherine x

pink-petal-designs said...

happy new year Sara and to you familt too. All the very best for 2008 !
Sarah x