Friday, 19 October 2007

I challenge you ...

I am stressing that much about christmas orders , normal orders , fairs , ebay and my website that i have promised Vanessa that i will post photos of all the work i do this weekend
... what a challenge ...
yes i am running round my living room (Well in my head i am) going Arghhhhhhh !!!!!!

So my first photo update will be tomorrow .. apparently !!!

Have a lovely weekend
Sara x


Clang Clang said...

Hey Sara

Aaargh - I know the feeling! Mine today mainly brought about by grumpy small people clammering for chocolate biscuits and pulling things out of the sewing machine. grrr. Was v excited that you visit the fent shop too - what a small etsy world! Come for a cuppa when you are next in Macc. Your pocket purses are the cutest by the way!

Rowan x

Cathy said...

I know how you feel - the same thing is going on in this house too! Hope your back is better. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
Cathy X

Katy said...

And my house! You'd think we'd be happy to be busy, wouldn't you?!

Vanessa said...

Nice to see you listen to me some times!

Vanessa x