Saturday, 20 October 2007

!!!!! .....

Sorry no sewing to show you just had a very stressful day trying to get a million and one things done !!!!

I have managed to go and stock up on some fabric and things i needed ,
yes i did say more fabric !!! I shall take some more photos of my fabric stash .
i also got some great pieces of fabric from some of my fave charity shops !!!

I shall be spending to night watching the rugby ... come on England !!!
oh and cutting out and sewing a big pile of felt strawberries .....
tomorrow i plan to finish two orders and get them packaged up to send out .
I have sooo much to do and i know i should be happy to have so much work but i really dont seem to be making any headway .
Im also not far off my 100th post so get ready to leave me a comment even if you dont normally comment ..... go on you know you want to ;0)

Sara x


Vanessa said...

Boo Hoo England lost!!

Sod the sewing

Vanessa x

tillyboo said...

Sorry to hear you have a poorly back. I have huge sympathy as I sufferer myself.

I hope you are feeling better !

I'm in the process of having prolotherapy treatment which is extremely painful but I'm desperate to be mended.

Which Cornish beach is it? It looks lovely. My parents and brother and his family live in Cornwall so we go down frequently.