Thursday, 18 October 2007

bad back stops play ...

Im struggling today as my back is playing up again !!
I have managed to nip into Buxton for my copy of Country Living and some lovely bubble bath , to help my back of course !!

Sorry its such a short post but sitting here at the computer is quite painful so im going to go and do some cuttin out as standing up is less painful than sitting down !!!

I shall leave you with this lovely photo of one of my fave beaches in Cornwall

Sara x

Friday update .... still got a really painful back and my usual other pain around my c-section scar tissue ( sorry for the graphic details !!!)
I am starting to panic as i dont seem to be making any head way with my orders .... arghhhh !!

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mollycupcakes said...

Hey Sara,
I hope your back and scar pains go away soon honey.
I know it's hard this time of year when everything we do just seems to take forever. But try not to worry it will all sort it's self out and everything will get done.

Get well hugs.

Catherine x