Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Mr Postie bought me these lovely things
so i shall be working on stocking up what i have in St Ives .
Doing some more pencil cases as the ones i have done so far have been a big hit !!
Im working out what i shall be doing for Christmas and getting together some samples to send out ( hopefully it will be something exciting for my little business .. fingers crossed )

oh and this came ... yipeee!!
at blooming last ive got one , so if you dont hear from me for a few days you know why !!

ive got these finishing on ebay soon so if you need a bag there in my ebay shop

i must say thank you to my model Sherrie
shes done this before can you tell ...
maybe you should do some more modeling chicken hint hint !!

i love this birdie bag :0)

sorry for the shortish post but its busy here with Princess Kittys birthday on Friday
me and Shezzie are going to Manchester on Sunday and
ive still lots to do before they all go back to school !!

back to school hey early mornings , screaming tantrums and thats just me lol .

no seriously i think the next year is going to be a hectic one for us
with a house and two jobs to find , new schools and the whole logistics of moving .. oh joy !!

enjoy the last few days of the holidays

Sara x


sarah said...

wow Sara you look like you have been busy. i LOVE the fabric you have bought. xx

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Wow you have been busy,I know just what you mean about the shouting in a morning,I must sound like a sergeant major !!!!!
I love the bags,they're gorgeous .
Kat x

Meg said...

Hi Sara, what a nice surprise to see Dolly Dilettante on your favorites. Today I am making cowboy bag totes, what a coincidence! I got an old bedspread of the wild west at the Salvation Army and so far have enough fabric for 9 bags! I am "sew" happy. Can't wait to see your next creation! Your new friend from Vermont, Meg