Monday, 27 August 2007

no sewing today were off to

Wales ... yay !!

We havent been out much these holidays
what with work and trying to save for the house move .
So i decided it was time for a day out ... so as we are in the middle of the country , just about !!
We all climbed in the truck and set off , after miles of motorway and terrible drivers !!
we finally got to see the glorious mountains

we walked up Snowdon on Christmas day with the kids a few years ago
but thats another story .

it took forever well three and a half hours ,
i did mention that we could have been near Bristol by now but all i got was frowns and the usual sighs from the kids but finally we got to the Black Rock sands
it is a great beach you can drive on with your car and there is so much space its perfect

we spent hours swimming and playing with the kids , they played with there body boards
but there were no waves as such .. sorry Brandon !!
we had a great time , Kitty loves being in the sea !!

this beach is great for kids you can paddle out quite far before it becomes to deep,
there are lots of shallow pools that are warmed by the sun but are deep enough to swim in !
after a few hours it was time to get food , the only thing that would get Kitty out of the sea

but with all this too play in how can you blame her for not wanting to leave

the great thing about being able to take the truck on the beach is it also doubles as a changing room !!

after a quick dash round the shop we decided to skip going round all the great shops in Porthmadog and yes you guessed it .. back to the beach
no wetsuits this time just a nice paddle !!

to soon it was time to leave ... so on the way home we went to Caernarfon Castle just for Kitty
yes she loves castles too oh and lighthouses !!

we didnt have a lot of time so it was a quick look at the castle and then on with the long ish trip home !!!

i couldnt resist taking this photo
what a great place even Chris liked it and its pink !!!

the long drive home is never much fun especially when its still so sunny
i wish i had been able to find a new tent so we could have stayed overnight but
never mind eh maybe next time !!

the sun was setting as we got near home i tried to catch a quick photo of the sun setting but the trees got in the way !!

so thanks for a lovely day out Chrissy
i hope you all had a great day too !!

Sara x


Picture it in Stitches said...

I'm so pleased you managed to get to Wales and spend some quality time with your family. It sounds like you had a lovely time ! Sarah z

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Isn't it great to see some sunshine!!
I love Wales I think it's just magical,
glad you had a good time,
Kat x