Thursday, 30 August 2007

a few wips !!

a pretty dolly that needs a hat

a little kitty cat that needs a face

well i did say i wanted a kitten !!
this is a new wip so it stands a good chance of getting finished while i watch tv tonight ..
these are more ufo's than wip's .. not that thats any excuse !!
a small rabbit that has been sat waiting for a nose yes thats all a nose ,
i now it would take two minutes and this poor little thing has been sat with the spotty dog for a few months !!

i found these as well .. under the rabbit , they are the little felt shapes i used to stitch and put on my cards , another thing ive been planning to do for months !!
(theyre bags and a little house)

oh heres the spotty dog who needs to fill out a little , i was in such a hurry to sew him up i didnt put enough stuffing in ...

these are the things that i make up as samples and
then an order for bags or the like comes along and they just sit there ,
i shall finish them off and i think they will be future things to take to fairs or maybe to send to Cornwall .

so today is a day to do all those little jobs that need finishing
oh and make the girls some school bags , go to pay bills and post out the things that have sold since Tuesdays trip to the post office !!
i must also hunt all the things i have hidden away for Kittys birthday !!

i also have a bag design to tweek which should lead to something very exciting for me
fingers crossed !!

so i hope you all have a productive day !!

Sara x


Hilda May said...

Youv'e been very do you do it ? the way where are you moving to?
Rachel x

Sarah said...

I had a doll like that as a kid with a nightgown out of that same red dot material!

I love your kitten too... it that a kitten house behind it?

Samantha said...

Hi Sarah,
I have WIPs and UFOs too - snap!

Love yours. Let's hope you manage to make some headway on them.