Thursday, 23 August 2007

sunny days and fat lips

sorry still no bunnies but i have got up to date with my orders this week .
i have also had to try and keep a 12 yr old girlie with a poorly tooth happy ,
no i havent hit the vodka yet !!!

so after spending the best part of a week sewing bags and pencil cases ,
surrounded by my trusty post it notes and a pile of felt and fabric
i can now get on with some new ideas lists and get some more pricelists printed off
and yes they will be in the post soon .. i promise !!

so just when i thought it would be safe to sit and sew some strawberries to send to Cornwall
i looked up to see a little blood covered face looking at me .
Kitty and Cons were having a PLAY ABOUT
and Cons lip became one with the bunkbed frame
with a little help from Kitty !!

so now twin 2 has a massive lump and a graze on his lip ,
it was only a small graze but boy did it bleed
and how it didnt split wide open is a miracle of science
if it had it would of been a trip to a& e which is 40 mins away !!

so after spending the past 4 weeks saying it will end in tears it did !!

oh and its given a cloudy day in North Wales on Saturday
so sorry kids but the body boardings looking iffy !!

oh how i love the kids being off school ... did i really say that four weeks ago !!!

Sara x


Picture it in Stitches said...

Oh you poor thing - it never rains, but it pours. Hope Con's lip mends soon. Sarah x

sarah said...

orrr poor con, hope it soon gets better, your having a busy week Sara.

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Oh poor Con,
My bag arrived this morning and I love it,thankyou so much,
I'll be pleased when the boys are back at school.
Kat x

Joanna Butchart said...

my one year old had an accident with a slide this week and yes lips really do bleed. DOnt you find though that now only one week i sleft of the holidays you are sitting there thinking where did they go???