Saturday, 14 July 2007

lazy day

after a really busy week with all the kids on trips and the like ,
we had a day of nothing muchness !!
i did some sewing ... suprise suprise !
this is just a sneak preview ........
i have also been writing lots and lots of lists because
on thursday i have an appointment with my wonderful business advisor
  1. i need to get me a website
  2. i need to open an ebay shop
  3. i really need to get some christmas fairs sorted and booked
  4. i want to get some help to write a press release
  5. im really in need of some funding
  6. then theres the shop , there i need a miracle !

as ive developed a need to write lists,

i need to go and buy a nice notebook .


so heres the bag i made today


what do you think ??
im going to put it up for sale on ebay in the next few days
along with lot of other bags and things i have listed
including the lovely bag i showed in a previous post
this one will be £10.00 if anyone would like it before i list it just email me !!
for a change we had some sunshine today and what a difference it made to my mood
not that we could go anywhere as my talented assistant/ eldest daughter
was one with the bathroom
cursing her babysister all the time for giving her a sick bug !
so after a lazy ish sunny day
we had this gorgeous sunset


hope you all had a wonderful day x x

Sara x x


Yummers! said...

Hi, I haven't gotten your Adorn in the mail yet, but will Monday morning. And, SURPRISE... I found a different issue today for you... think it's the Spring issue. If you already have that one, then give it to a friend. I'll enclose it with the other.
Good luck with all your list items.

Picture it in Stitches said...

I love making lists - sadly, I never seem to knock anything off of them, but hey - it gets it out of my head and down onto paper for me to look at when I've got nothing better to do !! Will email you a link about the press releases. Sarah x

Andrea said...

Oh, yes some funding would be nice here too!!! There is always something that needs doing isn't there, you just have to take some time off now and again otherwise I think that we would all go mad!! Andrea x

sarah said...

Hi Sara, love your new bag, you sound like you are going to be busy.
Sarah x

Vanessa said...

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for my vintage minnie apron girlie top, which Emily adores! Actually, I think her mum & me adored it even is great to be able to find a truly unique gift. The only thing is, I adore all your bags, tissue holders, notebooks etc. Thanks a million Ellie x (Vanessa's sister)

Shropshire Girl said...

Many thanks for your comment on my blog, I have just spent an enjoyable time reading yours and you do some lovely work. I hope you are successful with your 'to do' lists! I agree that if I spent less time on here I would get more craftwork done - oh well!