Thursday, 19 July 2007

3 down 1 to go !!

at last the three little ones have finished for the holidays ... yay !!
no im not completely insane ... i love the holidays !!
think about it !!
no school uniform to wash and iron .. at the last minute !!
no packed lunches .. three kids all wanting something different and
then trying to make it healthy !!!
no after school clubs !!
no early morning arguments over lost bags , shoes , coats etc
do you see what i mean ...
then theres the fights to get them up never mind dressed ..
kittys "im not wearing them "
i could go on and on and on !!!!!

so this is where i went for my meeting with my brilliant business advisor !

it went very well and i think i can say it has helped me see what i need to do next..

yes you guessed it .. more lists ,

well actually a proper business plan update , profit forecasts and figures !!

and then i went here ......

this is Millie the Moose in the Old Court House , Buxton

if you love pink then this is the place for you !!

oh and you can get some of my things here too ..... mostly pink of course !!

and heres a close up ... now you know you tempted

so if your anywhere near Buxton in Derbyshire just go and say hello

tell them i sent you !!!

Buxton is a great place , youve got lots of lovely old buildings

it is a spa town , youve got the famous Buxton opera house

the pavillion gardens oooh and pooles cavern and solomans temple

theres loads ????

well thats my bit of promo for Buxton

oh and i forgot the well dressing and the famous buxton spa water

if you really look at Buxton you can see all the lovely buildings and places we grew up with .

Sara x


sarah said...

Hi Sara, glad it all went well, i love the look of the shop at Buxton and i love pink, i think i might have a day out there in the holidays. I agree with you about school, i love it when they break up, all the things you say.
Sarah x

caroline said...

I'm pleased your meeting with the adviser went well. I was brought up in Nottinghamshire and have had the odd day out in Buxton. I haven't been there in so long but you've tempted me.

Tracy said...

6 weeks holiday heaven!!
That shop looks fab too

Picture it in Stitches said...

Milly the Moose - what a fab name !! It looks like a gorgeous shop. Glad your meeting went well too ! Sarah x

Miles Away In France said...

Ooh, the shop looks lovely, I could spend hours in there.
Racheal x