Friday, 13 July 2007

if i spent less time here ....

my grumpy hubby reckons i could make lots more things
and then lots more money .... urm well ok hes got a point !!
so yesterday i listed lots of things on ebay !!
............please have a peek ..............
ive also been a good girl and have sat down and sorted out some samples
to go to Newquay and St Ives and now im just waiting for my
new cards and enquiry cards to arrive ,then i can get them sent out and hopefully ,
fingers crossed it will look sooo professional !!
i also need to send a whole load of info to someone who has made an enquiry
again from sunny Cornwall
i shall give you more details when they have got back to me with a yay or nay !!
Sara x


Vanessa said...

Stop blogging you have sales targets to achieve lady!!

Only joking! How can I comment when I am reading your blog!


Picture it in Stitches said...

Well done you !! At this rate you'll have a monopoly on Cornwall !! Sarah x

Andrea said...

I know the feeling!! I try and do my Blogging when the Hubby is not looking, but some how I always get found out!! Well done with your sales pitches in Cornwall!! Andrea x