Saturday, 1 March 2014

Off the grid!

Well there is so much to catch up on and so much to tell you but where do i start!!

So here's a quick update

A bit of TMI first, my poorly boob healed quickly but it seems i now have another cyst that is growing fast.. so back i shall go and hopefully we will have a similar outcome.. fingers crossed!

We are finally in the new shop, i have painted, cleaned, painted, scrubbed and painted some more! We have got it as near as dammit!
I will do a whole start to finish blog tomorrow!

We opened just over a week ago and have had an amazing response already.
I am finally back to sewing but needing a bit of ooomph to get me all fired up with the old sewing lark!
We held our first workshop last weekend which was ace fun and now i am busy planning lots more.

We have had cold, illness and lurgy! Birthdays and Valentines! Dad's anniversary.. miss you Dad!
We have had days out as a couple... yes ok so we did go vintaging but a day out is a day!

So there you go, there is loads more but i can hear someone snoring at the back so i shall trot off


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