Saturday, 18 January 2014


I need to say a big sorry to all those waiting for me to draw the pack winner!

Let me explain... nearly two weeks ago i found a lump... panic followed and appointments and more worry and panic!
My doctors were fab and got me in to see a specialist really quickly but still it is scary going to the Cancer clinic! I had lots and lots of test and checks done.

I am so very lucky and happy to say i have cysts, they are benign lumps which all though they are a bit of a pain especially the huge b***er (5cms) that they removed on Tuesday, they are not cancerous.

I have more than this one and have to of course keep an eye on them and get them checked straightaway.. like you must do people!

So i haven't been slacking off and i have had to rest a bit but i am getting back to full speed again and shall pick a winner this weekend

hugs and stuff

Me x


Indigo Blue said...

A very worrying time for you and I am delighted that it was not as bad as you first feared. Take care of yourself and all the best.

Mell's said...

Good luck to you I am pleased your out come is a great one. X

Autism United said...


Josie said...

I love your beautiful blog and I'm sending you hugs at this time. I know in theory it was 'good' news, but it is still uncomfortable having those things done. Thinking of you x