Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bloggy fame

Last week i was at 3 of our childrens school shopping evening when 3 lovely ladies.. hello ladies *waves like a loon* came up and introduced themselves as my little blogs followers!
Now i always go shy as ahy can be at these situations, i am not big on the bigging myself up!
I can usually manage a rather wimpish thank you and a shy smile but these ladies made me beam with pride that not only did they know me and my blog but they actually took the time to come and tell me they followed me! I had to tell himself when i got in, of course he rolled his eyes and thought i was stark raving as per usual.

Must add sorry ladies if i waffled and talked utter rubbish.

Anyhoo you made me think how much i miss blogging so here i am, back in the game!

Now if some kind soul will please get me a new camera for Christmas i will really be back in your face with tons of photos x

Now back to sewing a million of these cuties

A big thanks ladies... as the kids say you rock!

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