Thursday, 8 November 2012

Applique hell

How do you stop over analising your own work?
How do you  make it your best without unpicking the hell out of a piece of work?

I as some of my friends know i have a few work OCDs!
I am a neat work freak, which with FME and applique that can be nigh on impossible.

I struggle everytime i sit at the machine.. the work flows but i constantly check double check and ooh go back and triple check.
I bet a lot of you know this feeling!

For me it is the stress of knowing because it is handmade and very much in public view at the moment it has to look better than the shop bought mass produced stuff out there.
I know i am probably stark staring bonkers and the whole charm to it is a unique handmade look.

This post is all kind of just flowing from my head, it needs to be got out of my head and put somewhere else.

I would never sell anything i wasn't 100% happy with but that 100% can have another 100% within it and another and another......

I hope this makes sense to some of you, i hope it makes me and you realise this is normal.. we are crafters, designer/makers, artisans whatever name you want to be known by and we are perfectionists.

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Vixanne said...

Your work always looks well executed and neat. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself That being said, it's easier said than done. Everyone is their own worst critic. I think your work always looks fab, if that helps at all!