Sunday, 3 June 2012

tea and cake as usual

Sometimes i am pretty sure my world revolves around tea and cake, not that i have a problem with that!

Sometimes it is nice to keep my blog for happy stuff and pretty pics!
These are the two cakes i made on Friday morning while my kitchen looked like some kind of biological test sight... let me explain!
I had a jubilee market booked for yesterday, more about that tomorrow! So i needed some vintagey bits washed and some candles made all while baking cakes.
So picture the scene, the washing machine wizzing away, the double oven blasting out and candle wax on the hob.
Half the table with teacup sets matched up, the other with cake decoration going on!

By lunchtime i had two cakes, a box of vintagey stock ready and linens washed and on the line!
Phone calls and order packing inter mingled the scene.

So there you are my Friday morning, the rest of the day went in a blur of sewing and packing and shouting with the odd bit of blue language chucked in!
The car was packed at nearly midnight just as i finished sewing... phew what a day!

Yes you may have noticed me mention the fact i am re homing some of the vintage treasures i have... we have decided to add them to what we sell at fairs as
  • (a) we have far too much
  • (b) we have no room
  • (c) it is so "on trend" (someone slap me for saying that please)
  • (d) the best bit... it gives me the excuse to go out and find a whole lot more.. a win win if you ask me!
Right my boys are rustling up bacon and mushrooms, i have slapped together a cake for afters!

Hope for sunshine tomorrow so we can enjoy a bit of Jubilee fun!

Sara xx


OhSoVintage said...

Busy, busy lady! I love your cushion on the previous post.
Ruth x

The Enchanted Forest said...

Hello! Love love the tea and cake badge! I know it's really cheeky but i was wondering if you'd mind me using the picture of it as an 'event picture' on facebook for a swap party/tea and homemade cakes gathering i'm having? Just me and friends, nothing commercial. It's just so cute! Love, Jen xx