Saturday, 31 December 2011

I don't do that...

what don't you do you may ask?

Well i don't do New Years resolutions!
I am rather fond of lists as you may already have noticed but all this diet and take more exercise cr*p just ain't going to happen here ma dears....
not a snowbell in a fiery pits chance.

One reason is i don't really need to lose weight, ok maybe i could do with a bit of a firm up but i am happy with my weight.
Now exercise is another thing... we normally do quite a lot of walking etc but since C's knee operations and my horrific Sciatica bouts, exercise has become a challenge!!

So i am not doing resolutions
i am doing a want to do list, which sounds much better
i don't have to do them because i promised to the world i would while in a drunken state on NYE, i would just maybe like to do them if i get some spare time.

I also choose the right to edit or delete any part of said list at anytime by order of the managment!

Now i just have to think carefully about what goes on the list
i want to get more from and for the business not just money but more ... not sure what or how!
i want to save more money... fat chance!
so there is a start
I am going to right it on the front page of my diary
and i will share it here too... maybe ;o)

Are you doing resolutions?
Do you stick to them each year if you do?



Happy New Year!
The thing abou making more money from your sales, is I just go and spend it all again on more fabric and supplies! But his year I want to also buy a dutch style bike from my sales!

Sweet Williams said...

My New Year resolutions are the following: -

1. Eat more cake;
2. Buy more fabric;
3. Sew like a mad thing.

That's a start!!
Emma x

Ps. You are a braver lady than me parting with some of your gorgeous fabric stash! Can't wait to receive mine :-)

Josie said...

my new's year resolution for the last few years has been to finish things - that why I joined in with the One Project A Month.

Happy New Year!

Josie x

MelMel said...

Happy New Year!xxx

Bluebell said...

I'm still deciding on my resolutions as I always break them. I like the idea of a list though!

Happy New Year to you x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Sending you New Year Wishes for Health, Happiness, Success and creativity for 2012 xx