Thursday, 29 December 2011

back from the brink.... with exciting news

ok so both are a bit dramatic

my news is we are having pie for tea!
Yes i know not in the least bit exciting but my blogging mojo really has gone for a Burton.... what ever that means!!

So i thought i shall start by blogging my days

Today- Thursday 29th December
i over slept thanks to having separation isssues(that would be me separated from any space in the bed) in the night
better known as Fistral cat doing her best starfish impersonation
in the middle of the bed!
Not sure how she got in the bedroom as the cats have been banned from our room after toileting issues shall we say to keep it nice and polite.
Those with cats will understand what i mean.

I trudge round the house for a while and then as the weather turned rather manky
In a mad brainwave moment, lets go shopping i shouted... yes sale shopping in the p£$%^g down rain!
I may need to see some men in white coats soon.

On another note a large pink bunny has just walked in the room... see what i mean about the white coat thing!

Two children refused to come with us so off we trotted in the car
oh lordy why oh why did i think it would be fine to go shopping... stupid Sara!
I did manage to sneak into L Ashley for some gingham fabric.
We got K some Winter snow boots for a fab £12 and a new school shirt as she had a small red paint explosion the week before she broke up for Xmas!

On my list was school boots for twin2
why oh why is the size of shoes i need always the one and only size that is out of stock!
8 shoe shops later we finally got a pair.
I also stocked up on lots of gift bags, tags and a few stocking fillers for the boys which will be put away for next Christmas.
I am now sat back on the sofa waiting to be fed steak pie chips and veg hopefully with Mr K's lovely gravy too!

So there is my day exciting no!


Sweet Williams said...

You have had me chuckling away to your post!
Steak pie! YUM - let me know if there's any left and I'll be round!!
Emma xx
Ps. I LOVE the heart with the holly on and your Easter makes you have posted on FB are fabulous xxx

carrad said...

Tee hee - I think pie for tea is a great post! I've changed my blog look and am revving up for better blogging mojo in 2012. I've now lost two followers - I must be sooooo boring :( xxx