Friday, 9 September 2011


the wonderful Red Arrows at Chatsworth fair
they where amazing to watch
it was also quite moving to see them to after recent events xx

Well i did soooo badly with my list
Ok so i did have a couple of excuses
one being my stupid trapped nerve not letting me do what i want
the fact we had a big birthday day out for Kitty's birthday!

the first week back at school has been hard work but has gone ok so far
4 kidlets at 3 different schools was never going to be a cake walk
but we are getting there!

We have had a bit of trauma with two lots of sh&*(y paperwork with the gov
and you know how they can be lol

Really the past few days ok a week or more has flown by!
I have had lots of orders for which i am very thankful
and i am getting on with the xmas prep

so there you go
oh and i have a new obsession
photoshop ;o)

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luvly said...

These are lovely!!! :)