Monday, 29 August 2011

Weekly list

i am so crappy at doing other things that are not work
so i am going to do a weekly list

  1. buy K's school shoes.. i ordered the boys online! done
  2. buy the last bits of school uniform done
  3. sort out the pretty nets for our bedroom, i want to make them all cute with ribbons and applique
  4. sew name tags in K's uniform
  5. make a pump bag for K
  6. prepare the downstairs cloakroom for painting

there we go that should keep me busy,
of course i have a mountain of sewing to do for work which goes like this

  1. 10 snowman hearts
  2. 20 snowman hangers
  3. 10 red gingham robin hearts
  4. 20 mistletoe hangers
  5. 5 happy bags
  6. 3 cupcake bags
  7. 2 pony bags
  8. 3 robin bags

and hopefully some badges chucked in for good luck
oh and and website orders too x


GiddyStuff said...

Wow! That is some to-do list! I love your idea for the nets x

VintageVicki said...

Love your making list :) I think we've got everything we need for back to school - stuff just needs packing into bags now.

Nic said...

I think I could do with a list too. My head is buzzing at the moment. I love the idea of your nets. Hope we get to see a piccie

saraeden said...

have to say you can bet the work list will get done before the home list ;o)

Have decided to do the nets tomorrow so will take a photo or two as i go along xx