Friday, 26 August 2011

not what we had planned

our Summer holiday has been as little different from the one we planned
just two weeks in and i trapped a nerve in my back and spent a whole week in the house
even going into the garden caused me the kind of agony i haven't felt since my knee went ping and i couldn't stand up for weeks on end!
I spent the next week doing stupid and painful stretching exercises to loosen the muscles and help with the pain... not!
I am now still struggling a little, my leg cramps up and i have a slight limp
which may take months to go :o(

It has also given me time to think
about general stuff i want to change!

We have had some major birthdays
my wonderful (most of the time) twin boys are now teenagers
yes they are the big 13!!
We have a tradition here of spreading out birthday celebrations
we had a trip to Wales
a trip to High Peak junction and of course now they are 13 a trip to Manchester for clothes!!

Shezzie has had her exam results
some good... lots of B's and C's and passes for her catering :o)
Some not so good but we are looking into re marking as she was one or two marks off a higher grade!!
She has been offered a place at Sixth form so all is good

I shall have to blog again soon to carry on with all the other news or you may drift off if i waffle on much more!

I am thinking of starting a seperate blog for the shop news but more of that next time!

have a fab bank holiday weekend, hopefully it will stay nice and i can get out and forage for treasures xx


Scented Sweetpeas said...

It is disappointing when the school hols are what you planned isn't it (my son broke his arm half way through this one) :-( I hope you feel better very soon. I am sure your daughter will be fine with her exams, you can always re-take them and College is great fun :-)

Liz said...

I hope you're soon fully recovered.