Friday, 19 August 2011

another day

Well after yesterday's blog i thought i should make an effort and not leave you all hanging on for more news!

I spent all and i mean all last night and a good part of yesterday doing some research, my head was mushy so today i got a few work jobs done,
i grabbed some food and off we set to chill out for a bit.... ok maybe choosing Dovedale was a mistake!
To say it was rather busy was an understatment but hey ho if you know where to go you can always find a quiet spot.

We then headed off for the Manifold valley
it was quiet here and we soon managed to find the other path
with no one but us on it... bliss!
Sadly because of my back/leg problems we only managed a couple of miles
but it was fab to be out!

So my head is still mushy, i am having those panicky second thoughts about the shop!
It is such a huge step and with the economic climate as it is i really need to make sure i do as much research as possible but i am not backing out this time!

Right i have a date with a pile of bag handles and stockings of the Xmas
variety before you ask!!
Have a fab weekend folks x


Mimi and Tilly said...

Oh, the C word! I'm done for ! I have so much to do for C... (I can't bring myself to type the word yet!) So excited for you and your new venture. Em xx

GiddyStuff said...

Dovedale can get busy, it's the only 'walk' i've done where you have to queue up to do it! But, still a beautiful place x