Monday, 7 March 2011

thrifty finds and no time for tea

Monday morning always seems to hit me in the same way every week
One minute its Friday and everyone is starting to kick back
then Saturday is mad panic rush around
Sunday is usually day out day or slob around day

At the moment everything is mad busy because of Chris's leg,
which is to be expected and oh so tiring !

So this morning was the usual panic
Have you seen my homework ?
Wheres my kit ?
My personal fave is my sweatshirt is wet .. you know the kind of thing !

Add to it today i had lots of work and housework
plus a long awaited haircut !
I even managed a visit to the charity shop and got a cute mixing bowl
and a little lidded dish
So now it's time to put tea in
collect little K
walk the dog .....


Karen Jones said...

oooh! Lovely, you should join us at #magpieMonday If you like a charity shop bargain xx

saraeden said...

Thanks Karen, my home is full of charity shop and car boot finds :o)

Will add my blog post to #magpieMonday now x

carole said...

Oh what great finds, I love both the bowl and the lidded dish! x

saraeden said...

thanks Carole, we are going to use the mixing bowl for pancake making tomorrow :o) xx

Missdaisy's Crafts said...

love the mixing bowl :)

missielizzie said...

Hi Sara,

A woman's work is never done eh?!

I love your mixing bowl, it's stunning.

Thanks for linking up x

Lisa said...

I love your mixing bowl. My mum's always had one like that and its taken me ages to find one and cost me a small fortune, but hopefully it should last for an age!

Lisa x

Wendy said...

I love the little tea cups!