Friday, 4 March 2011

tale of a lonely saucer ..

a few weeks ago i found this lonely little saucer in the local charity(thrift) shop
I just couldn't resist it and it was only 10p
So even if the children used it as a painting saucer or the cats used it for water
it would be ok !

So i brought it home in the pocket of my bag
washed and cleaned it and popped it in the window .

So today i dropped in for a chat and mooch in the same shop
the ladies that work on a Friday are fab and make me chuckle !
They kind of know my taste in collecting those odd sad little bits and pieces but they did roll their eyes when i picked up this sad little teacup !

So in my bag it went along with a little glass dish with slightly worn flowers painted on !

Now imagine my surprise when i got them home and washed to find out that the little teacup was a perfect match for that sad little saucer

.. happy smiles all round xx


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Not so lonely anymore.
Meant to be, no?

saraeden said...

all for a grand price of 30p ... my fave kind of thrifty shopping :o) xx

Vintage Milly said...

Awe - cute story and aren't they sweet items too, I wouldn't have passed them up either,

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Aww glad they got to be together again! :o) Just found your blog, I'm a charity shop fan too :o) Scarlett x

Tracy said...

That's a funny coincidence! They're a cute cup & saucer too!

Karen Jones said...

Tis meant to be. I am a firm believer that I find things because "someone" knows I will love and cherish them.
I LOVE Thrifty xx

magic said...

Ahh thats a lovely story, im glad there no longer lonely and have gone to a good home x