Monday, 6 December 2010

life is odd sometimes

well it is here anyway !!
As some of you may already know
Chris my partner / hubs to be fell on friday of last week and was admitted to hospital !
Saturday his leg was operated on :o(
The surgery went well ... i won't go into details but it was a bit gruesome !

He is now home and doing ok,
i have had to cancel all my fairs
apart from a little local evening thing
and my own open day after all family must come first !
Christmas will be a quiet affair and if you don't here much from me you will know why xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh hunni... I know family comes first but I understand your upset... its a lot of work to put on pause...

big hugs to you all and have a wonderful Christmas...

x Alex

saraeden said...

thanks hun, i am not too bad actually i was starting to feel out of control last week with too much work !

Now i feel at a nice busy level not the complete madness it has been !

Plus if i am left with xmas stock i shall be ahead for next year ;o)

hope you are all ok xx

Pink Milk said...

Oh how poo for you both. This time of year seems to be a magnet for 'blips'.

Do hope your htb recovers quickly and that you have a relaxy and uneventful Christmas! :-)


madebymum said...

Hi just came across your blog. Sorry about the fall hope things are better now. I think I will enjoy keeping up with what you are doing.