Saturday, 3 July 2010

june 24th

No i haven't lost the plot !
The 24th was my birthday ..
so of course that would be the best day to have a mini open day !
Quick last minute invites sent to people but mostly
i just asked friends and good customers .
The kitchen was finished and cleaned
snacky food bought and of course Pimms was purchased :o}

My friend and fellow twitterer Sallb made some of her amazing cupcakes
and i set out some of my pretty things ...
now as any of you have done this kind of thing know
the worst bit is waiting and wondering if people will come !

So you ask did they .... well yes they did lots of people
we chatted and drank and ate and they shopped too
so all in all a fab day ;o}

I want to thank everyone that came and everyone that sent me Birthday wishes
You made my day very special x x x


GiddyStuff said...

Your mini open day is such a good idea, it sounds so much fun, hope you have another one soon x

Lyn said...

sounds like a good birthday!

Mermaid said...

What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! And not without Pimms of course!

At last I find somebody else with 5 children, I'm sure your life is as manic as mine!


P.S Good luck in my advertising giveaway!