Sunday, 4 July 2010

Fistral goes missing

as some of you who talk to me on twitter may know
my cat Fistral went missing ...
now before you say cats do that all the time ... whats the worry!

Let me tell you about Fizzy as we call her
she is a proper home cat infact she is a clingy cat !
She is happiest when she is within hissing distance of myself
bless her she is like my little side kick always there !

So when she went off into the hedge i didn't worry as i knew she would be
back out in a mo ... no no no i was wrong
2 days and 2 nights she was gone
we looked everywhere asked everyone .. no sign

I admit i didn't have much hope she would come back
i didn't sleep and felt so sad as it was just after the anniversary of the dog dying
and also 2 yrs since we got her !

Anyhoo skip forward to the Sunday morning
i was hanging out the washing
i went and stood at the top of the garden and just said
Fistral please come home
i walked back to the washing line and for a moment i was sure i had heard her
no no no you silly women you are just wishing i said to myself !
I picked up the washing and then a noise by the garage made me jump
thinking it was nxt doors cat i looked away but just then out of the corner of my eye this little ginger head popped around the corner !

She came running across the driveway to me and i have to admit i burst into tears
she ran into the house closely followed by a near hysterical mad cat woman as my DP called me afterwards ! !

We have no idea where she had been but she was dirty and very hungry and hopefully not preggers !

I know some people will think omg its just a cat but those with animals will know how i felt :o}

She know goes out in the garden but doesn't venture far bless her

Please excuse earlier spelling typo's had written post while watching tv and got sidetracked so forgot to read through before posting ... ooops !


Rebecca said...

the naughty thing! At least Fistral is home safe and sound now! What a lovely name for a cat too by the way, named after the beach I take it? xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Aww I am so glad that the story had a happy ending.

Welcome back home Fistral you little minx giving your owner a shock like that! lol.


Josie-Mary said...

ooohhh I'm so pleased she came home. I didn't hear she was missing which I'm glad as it would've upset me. Nanny went missing for 1 night in our last house, he was trapped in a shed & I could see him crying at the window at the window :( It was snowing & I was in my PJ's but I still went to save him. In fact I pulled the shed door off!!! I love my cats but now I only have 1 left :( I'm a crazy cat lady too!

daisy daydreams said...

Pets are one of the family, no matter what animal they are - we have a rabbit, she is 7 now and most prob not long to go, if I thought about it too much I would sit and howl. So glad Fistral is back

Thecraftytrundler said...

Glad that puss is back!! My neighbour's cat went missing, and I don't use my garage much. You can guess where we found her can't you?!!!

Sharon xx

saraeden said...

Thanks for all the comments about Fistral, i wasn't going to blog this but as its part of my family life i thought i should share with you plus i am just thankful it had a happy ending :o} x x x

LoloDesigns said...

I have 3 cats and if I don't see them for half a day I can always be found walking up my street calling out their names and panicking! So so pleased yours came home, I can just picture your reaction LOL. These kittys can be really naughty children sometimes can't they. But will still love em to bits!! xx

Anna said...

ahhhh glad shes home ok now :) and naughty fizzy for worrying the life out of you xx

Hannah said...

I can completely understand you worrying about Fistral, since our first cat was killed by a car we don't let them out all night any more. I could not go through that again. People may think its just a cat but I could never feel that way.

I am glad Fistral is home :)