Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday funday

Now most people like to lie in on a Sunday morning but then not everyone has a Fistral cat !
Fistral doesn't believe in lie-ins , infact if we can sleep past 6.30 it a miracle !
At the moment her fave trick is to mess around on top of the wardrobe
and then jump onto the bed ,
now she maybe a little cat but she lands like a medium sized elephant !
After that she likes to come and lie on your chest until you finally give in and get up .

Now as car boot sale season has started we normally trot off to have
a mooch around and maybe grab a bargain find ,
this morning the weather looked a little dodgy ...
one minute clear blue skies next minute big dark clouds !
It was a real shall we go or not moment but in the end off we went
and i found these little treasures

My next job was not so much fun .... i hate food shopping .
I have my new budget to stick too which i found a bit strange
but we
  1. chicken
  2. sausages
  3. bacon
as the main parts of the meals for the nxt 4 days
i also stocked up on some store cupboard supplies .

I have just made fruity flapjack using left over fruity muesli
mixed a large batch of biscuit mix which is now sat in the fridge for tomorrow .

After all this domesticness i am now going to sit with my new copy of CL and a cup of tea
before i go and sew for a while x x


Vixanne said...

Now you've got me wanting flapjacks! And I have none of the required ingredients :(

Emma Kate said...

I really must drag myself out of bed on a Sunday to get to the car boots. Maybe I will when the weather decides it is really summer. Keep up your good work on the challenge xxx

bekimarie said...

Love the mugs, what a great find!
Think I may need to make flapjacks now, they were mu favourite thing to make when I was a little girl.

Beki xxx

Jackie said...

Hi Sara
Love the mugs - glad it was worth going in the end! Just wondered whether you had any news on my swap parcel - it still hasn't arrived? x

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

One of mt cats likes us to wake early too to open the blind so she can have a looksee out of the window, there are four OTHER upstairs windows to choose from and a cat flap to actually GO out to the places she wants to see but none of those options suit so she meows away at us......what we put up from our furry four-legged friends!
Ali xx