Saturday, 15 May 2010

Monday comes early

yes i now i said i would start all this on Monday
but today seemed like a good to do a test run ;)

So far today i have bought flea drops for the cats and a new collar for Fistral
a grand total of £12.99 both i had to get anyway so not spur of the moment buys !

for lunch we have had the leftovers from the fridge using up all those odd bits that would normally get thrown away !

For tea tonight it is slow cooker chilli ... store cupboard supplies
  1. tin of beans .. my children dont like kidney beans ?
  2. tin of chopped tomatoes
  3. chillimix
  4. last of my home grown onions
  5. mince from the freezer
All bunged lovingly in the super dooper slow cooker .... one of my best buys ever !

I have just planted out the squash plants i have grown from seed
with cut up pop bottles to protect them for the first few wks !

Get me eh Ms money saving expert first class ;)
To cut back on all the snacky junk we buy
we are now on our 3rd batch of home made biscuits !

Tomorrow is flapjack making day ...
this time i am going to be using some fruit muesli i bought but dont really like !
I also need to make cous cous , pasta , chopped fruit salad and brownies for lunches on Monday .

The girls are taking full pack lunch the boys are taking half and half !
this will save me about £25 a wk .

I am off outside to take some photo's so i shall add them later x x

for some reason the photo's are the wrong way round !!
Ooooh and the chilli was a big hit :)

if you have enjoyed your visit here please make my day or more my month
it will be fab if you do x x


LittleGem said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start Sara, I have just finished making a batch of Attic24 choc chip cookies which are fab as you don't need eggs for them. Plus they are really yummy!
Good luck with your challenge

GiddyStuff said...

This is inspiring stuff, would like to go full on like you, but I bought another knitting mag today ooops!

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

Well done, you really are going for this, you sound very organised, cant wait for the next update

Emma Kate said...

ooooo all that baking and gardening I can see lots more photos to drool over :)
You are doing great I am sure you are going to shame us all by making it look like a piece of cake!

Nic said...

Ooh what an ace idea of putting bottles over the top of plants. I have loads of bottles ready to use in the greenhouse later in the year so I will go and pop them over the plants I planted yesterday.
I really need to save money/cut back so I will be following you.
On the cake front, we made macaroons last weekend and they are sooo easy; I will never buy them again; dessicated coconut, sugar, egg white. I added cinnamon to some and they were great ;)

Average Terran said...

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Hoping you have a great week,