Wednesday, 26 May 2010

quick and simple

Like most mums getting my family to have their 5 a day is hard work
and each week i buy lots of fruit especially oranges

now why i do this is sometimes beyond me
because you would think they are from some alien planet the way my children look at them !
So after recently running out of ice lollies i had an idea

why not chop up said oranges

like so

pop them in a freezer bag

and pop them in the freezer ... perfect healthy ice orange chunks

especially good if you have poorly ones too .... x


Sarah said...

great idea x

CharStarFashionBeautyBlogger said...

Thats such a good idea. Another tip is juicing fruit and making your own ice lollies with it with the moulds you can buy at the store. xx

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

Loving this idea, great refreshing snack on a hot day too!

Schizzo di colore said...

I have five too and I know how much work they take!!
Good luck!

Mother0fPurl said...

looks really refreshing. I have done similar with mango for the girls when they were teething.

Emma Kate said...

wonderful idea. I do the same sort of thing with different fruit I will most definitely have to try it with oranges(I am sure they will taste great in cocktails too ;) )

Pink Milk said...

Brilliant, I'm certainly going to give that a try.

Another similar tip is freezing bananas. Simply cut them in half and pop them on lolly sticks. They taste just like banana ice cream!