Tuesday, 25 May 2010

got triangles everywhere

yes that means i am making bunting ....
its everywhere at the moment so of course
i am getting lots of orders for it ... what joy !

Now i don't dislike making bunting its just a little bit repetitive
cut sew, press, trim and it goes on but the finished bunting is stunning if i do say so myself :)
(will add photo in the morning when the light is better )

but now the important BUDGETING
i am shocked to say its going well
no i mean really well !

I have bought a new hallway cupboard ... no dont panic
it is a new to me cupboard from the charity shop and only cost a
super budgeting price of £25.00
i cannot show it you yet as i cannot collect it until DP returns home !
yesterday i spent nothing out of my daily spending money
today i spent £2.34 on 2 pkts of angel cake (reduced) and milk !

my growing enough for us not to have to buy veg and salad is going well

ok so we won't be harvesting just yet but in a few weeks
the lettuce and onions with be ready as will the parsley and chives
the peas are doing well too :)

Saturday saw me at the school summer fair in the village i lived in as a baby
infact i was just around the corner from where i lived !
The fair was fab the weather was glorious and best of all i had lots of sales
and a few orders to say the least !

Okey dokey time to go make up tomorrows lunches :)


Lyn said...

It's the time of year for bunting!

Nic said...

Ooh all sounds good at Kitty Eden! Well other than the boring bunting ;)
Well done on the budgeting. I will have to join you.

VintageVicki said...

I can understand the bunting - have 24 flags on my desk - turned & ready to press etc tomorrow.

Garden is looking good.

The English Writer said...

Well done! I'm good at budgeting when I have to. I adore that little dress, I'm popping over to have a look at yours goodies (again!) I've got a few friends having babies soon and I;m looking for something extra special. Have a great day xxx

Anna said...

ahhh well im the same, when i do my bunting i get abit bored with the cutting out but really enjoy the embellishing bit :) making it all pretty.
think ill have to join you on the budgeting 5 weeks tyil no job and freelancing...mmmm mixed feelings

oh and I voted for you on dorset cereals


Tilly said...

I like your veggie patch. We have veggie pots, buckets and growbags! How are your lettuces doing - some little blighter keeps coming and eating mine?!