Saturday, 19 December 2009

2 wks late

Yes i had hoped to blog a couple of wks ago but it has been slightly manic here to say the least !
My Kitchen is still not finished , we shall be waiting until after Christmas now for the flooring as i can no longer stand the mess i would rather be without a floor covering and have the kitchen tidy for Christmas .

I an still painting and adding all those pretty things that i have had squirreled away for ever ,
so i am hoping for the big-ish unveiling in a few days with photo's and stuff !

So what the heck else have i been up to ?
Well there has been the usual fairs which means the usual mass sewing .
The fairs have all been good and have also lead to some new customers .
I do love the fairs as i get to meet up with lots of peeps i only really see on the circuit , i am planning a bit of a change next year fair wise but more of that after xmas .

I have missed blogging but at the moment life is far to busy to as most of you know at the time of year , i am hoping to be able to take a little time to catch up next week as most of my present shopping is done as is the biggest part of the food shopping ... yes you read that right !

So i am off to spend my Saturday night sewing and cutting out and hopefully a little baking in between .
You can catch up with me on twitter too .