Thursday, 12 November 2009

long time no blog posts

Well yes it's been far longer than i had planned but what with illness , car troubles and the plumbing saga its been a mad few weeks !

As you may know this time of year is manic for me but this year there is more pressure as i have plans for next year but thats all still hush hush !

I have been busy this past week trying to catch up with my sewing for orders and for the 6 fairs i have coming up ... list to follow :)
I must admit i have become a regular on twitter just because my time is very short at the moment and i love the fact i can just add a quick hello on twitter and then wonder off again and that's ok .
So if you want to catch up with my daily doings you now where to find me x

I will be blogging more ..... honest but there are going to be changes over the next few months , well that's if it all goes to plan which never seems to happen in this house !
I do have the exciting news that my new kitchen is going to be started next week , at last but its going to be a big job so i may need to blog just to stay sane-ish !


Lyn said...

Love the christmas pud.
Now you know you can't say "hush, hush" on a post without driving everyone crazy, coz we are sooooooo nosey!
Good luck with the plans.

mollycupcakes said...

It's good to have you back Sara,
Glad your better and your troubles have come to an end
Enjoy a blustery weekend, stay safe if out and about.
C x

Rebel Mother said...

Pleased your back. Got an award for you at mine.


Olly said...

I love the little birdie pouch! So cute! Glad to hear you have made it safely back to the blogging world after your time of craziness. Looking forward to hearing more about the fairs :-)

arkonite_babe said...

I've given your blog an award, please stop by to collect it!

vadahodges1211 said...
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