Saturday, 17 October 2009

Didsbury peeps

get yourself over here and say hello , shop but mainly offer your support to a local fair !!

Crafty Gifts Fair 11-4 Didsbury Methodist Church Sandhurst Rd M20 5LR £1 entry KIDS FREE raise money for New Children's Hospital!!

Sorry its such a quick post the girls are poorly and i am really busy too but will try and update you tomorrow with photo's too ....

sorry had to add the cute cat photo , amazing to think 2 wks ago they hated each other !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear your girls are sick :-( Rianna's had a dreadful cold, which thankfully is on it's way out now, but still has a horrible cough that wont seem to go away!

Wishing you and yours a speedy recovery, and a great weekend - despite the dreaded bugs :-)

Rose xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Sorry to hear your children are unwell.
Which date is the fair on?
I am planning to move to the Didsbury area aoon.