Tuesday, 8 September 2009


yes i have been sewing apples

pretty apple brooches

Ok yes i know i really must try and get out more , i will i promise :)

So just in case you have been on the dark side of the moon and haven't seen my last post , i have to mention my piece in the magazine again i haven't really told you a lot about it yet !!
Well it all started when i was contacted by a lovely lady from the Sew magazine , it was such a shock as this kind of thing only seems to happen to others not little me !

Anyhoo i sent off a bit of info and some photo's and there you go me in print :)

I am trying to get lots of new Christmas samples finished , some are done some not so done yet but they will be !!
I also have to try and get more stock finished before the rush starts in a few weeks . It always sneaks up on me and before i know it i am knee deep in fairs and orders .

On the home front we have begun the new school year , i would have loved just a few more weeks but as we all now work and holidays don't really mix .

Sara x


Barbara said...

for the magazine!!!!
You make some really lovely things! You deserve it!

kleinzonnetje said...

So pretty!

Congratulations on the magazine!!

Mollimoo said...

Love, love, love the apples! X

Gemma said...

Congratulations on the magazine its brill. I love your apple brooches, i keep showing my bf your blog pics and leaving your website on my comp screen in the hope he will get the hint.


Pomona said...

Apples always get my vote - as you have probably realized from my name and from following my blog!

Pomona x

Heleen said...

Love your apples! Wish we could buy the magazine here, would love to read your pages in the magazine.

Michela said...

Your new items look fantastic!

Jackie said...

Congratulations. I can't believe you are doing apple brooches..I just started but I have yet to perfect mine before I show them.
I think it must be all the apple related blog posts affecting us!

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