Sunday, 3 May 2009


So its Sunday its car boot day or not as it seems .... as soon as car boot season starts so does rainy Sunday season !!
We packed the car with *quality items ( * crap) , went to bed early , set the alarm and woke to rain !!! So we unpacked the car and tried to re-home it all , well it came out of the house why wont it all fit back in ????
So instead we trundled off to Stockport to buy new shoes for eldest girlie .
Now as you may know shopping is not my fave thing especially with 4 kidlets in tow but today we managed to get shoes in only the second shop we went in , Belle and Boo postcards and Sew hip mag in Borders !!
Does anyone else buy Sew hip ? Do you like it ? I wasn't going to buy it this month but it some how came home with me again !!

I had decided not to buy as many mags this next few months but this week i have been bad and bought 3 ...... ok one had free body shop butter on it and one was Coast for Eldest girlie as she wants to be a marine biologist and there was a feature she wanted to read
( she is studying triple science plus extra science in Sept ) and she loves anything at all to do with the sea not sure were she gets that from !!

In hobbycraft we got cheap ribbon only 49p a roll and some more felt only 29p a piece . Sorry no photo's its all still in the bag waiting to be put away !

I am going to spend most of tomorrow making more of these in different sizes for the summer fairs and for the website , i love this fabric in fact it is one of my most loved fabrics ever .


Thank you again for all your thoughts and words on my last 2 posts in fact on all my posts x x x
All your comments have really helped me see things more clearly again , i shall carry on being me and blogging about me and my little family and business !!

I am feeling more chilled today i have even sat a read some of my book that i started over a year ago ! I am not a slow reader i just need QUIET to read in
( the QUIET was for if the kidlets if they read this post )

Sara x


Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you have had a much better day today!

I think sometimes you need to have a little moan to get things off your chest.

Is the swap on Northern belles open to everyone or just NB.


Josie-Mary said...

I'm really bad with magazine as well, just can't stop myself!! I love the dress, the fabric is great :)

LoloDesigns said...

Glad your are feeling more positive ;o) As for mags am a bit of sucker for them myself although have cut back enormously. Did buy Sew Hip when it first came out but not recently. May go back to it again. Is this month's any good? xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I remember going shopping in Stockport... oohhh that was many moons ago.... have they done up the shopping center? it use to have a supermarket at hte far end... and at the other end was the main road on the bridge! I think... I was at college for 2 years in stockport...

We use to go to a pub near the market...

I can't remember what it was called though...

glad you are having a chilled day

x Alex

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found your blog on Alex's (Pink Feather Paradise) and I love it. I hope you dont mind but I've added your blog to my blogroll.
I am hosting a swap at the moment on my blog, please feel free to pop by and take a look, and to join the swap if you wish.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx

Jenn said...

I love those tops!
So sorry is was such a rainy day though.
Enjoy your book!

Keltie40 said...

Hi Sara, glad you are feeling better - please continue with your blog, it's great! The pace of life gets to us all, so don't think it's just you. To be a healthy and happy family the most important thing, everything else, including bleaching the floor can wait! I should know! lol
PS: Just come back from hols and I have received the little tote bag, it's lovely and our little Madam loves it! Take care x

Mollimoo said...

Hi Sara,
I think you do an amazing job raising all those lovely children & finding the energy & time to make & sell gorgeous items!
I know what you mean about the seemingly spotless houses & 'perfect'children in blogland.
I buy Sew Hip...really can't afford to...never make anything out of it...and very rarely read every page. Hey ho! Glad you are feeling better about things now x

louise35flower said...

The dresses are adorable and I love the apple fabric too!
I buy Sew Hip I have a few of them now and I tend to go back to things when I am ready to make them or look up websites etc. My eldest is very into textiles so I reckon I am buying it for her too!

Bobo Bun said...

Just caught up with you again. I'm rubbish at leaving comments as something (like Mr Bun now calling me for something - so I'll ignore him) always needs me at this moment.

Sew Hip - I buy it too as best of the bunch, but think the styling is dreadful - washed out colours and a bit old fashioned. Think many bloggers could put a better magazine together to be frank.

Agree with you about the fabric - it's gprgeous.

Then your post about world of perfection against reality. You have a lovely blog, also it seems a great family life. I sometiomes wonder if my blog gives off everything is so fabulous here vibes when reality is often different. I try and write what makes me feel good and I find it a great creative escape for that. Behind the scenes we struggle on taking pay cuts and worrying about bills just like most normal people, but are thankfully better off than some. So keep on with what you're doing because it's great.

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Very sweet
Love the cheerful fabric :o)

Sarah said...

Wow what a gorgeous dress that is! I love the simpleness of it while still being so pretty. Beautiful fabrics too.

Anonymous said...

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