Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sara has disappeared

under a mountain of house work and sewing !!

She has lots to tell you all plus a draw to do but as the above mentioned sewing is V.important
so please feel free to take advantage and grab a last minute entry in to the draw !!
That's if anyone would like some pretty bunting and other yummy things !!!!!

She will be back very soon ... maybe if she is a good girl some kind soul will let her have a few hours off tomorrow !!!

x x x x x

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Lydia said...

Poor you - do I need to come over and search for you? (& Peek about in your sewing stash?!!)

I'm drowning in housework still. The cookie recipie is really easy & very yummy.

Cream 100 soft margarine & 75g Soft brown sugar.
Add 2tbs of golden syrup, 175g SR Flour & 100g chocolate chips.

Split into walnut sized blobs, bake for 8 - 10 minutes @ 180 (160 Fan). Ready when just turning a pale gold (this ensures they are soft & chewy)

I like to play about a bit with the basic recipie & have added chocolate eggs etc.. There are the toffee & pecan ines on my blog(under baking)

Love Lydia xx