Sunday, 22 March 2009

no words can make it better

Woke to sad news this morning
sad as it is Mothers day but also sad as now two more small children are without there Mummy .
My thoughts go out to Jade's family .

I too have sat in the hospital waiting to see a specialist .
I was very very lucky to be given the all clear and i am thank full every single day !
Please if like me you find a lump get it checked and always go for your smear tests ... its so important .

I wish all those who may not have a happy mothers day a safe one .
Those waiting to become mummys one day a hopeful one .
Those without their mums a big hug .

Love to all of you x x x x x

just to add

Today is a day to celebrate the women in your family , i find this a difficult day as i have no contact with my mum . It also marks a sad time for me too and i want to say
Miss you gran ... my gran left us just before Mothers day and just a few weeks after my darling dad .


Mandy said...

my thoughts are with Jade's Family and especially those little boys who no longer have their mummy.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

You cannot comprehend the pain that Jades family is suffering. To leave your children behind when they are so young is unthinkable. I hug my girls extra tight this afternoon when I heard the news.

Rosie said...

It is so sad and I feel so sorry for those two little boys. So has tried so hard to give them the things that she never had.

Jenn said...

Happy Mother's Day.
And lots of love and healing to Jade's family.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think Jade was living her life very quickly i think she did so much in the 27 years she was on this planet, perhaps we all have a certain amount of things to do in our lives, she made mistakes (don't we all!) but unfortunately she made them in front of a very critical audience...
Love, hugs and positive thoughts to everyone who has lost a loved one, may family and friends rally to their support everywhere...

X Alex