Saturday, 14 March 2009

My past year .. giveaway

My past year
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It was soooo difficult to choose a few photo's from the past year so i have decided to do a new mosaic each day for the next few days !!

Blogging has been such fun but there have been a few sad days which i can say were made easier by your kind comments ... your support , your understanding oh and the fact you put up with my ramblings my dear bloggy friends i thank you all x x

Oh i forgot to say dont forget the giveaway !!!
I will post a proper photo of what i am giving away tomorrow !!

The girlie had a great birthday , well as great as you can get when you are at school all day and out at night with your mum !! We did have a great pamper evening , very girlie and very relaxed but more about that tomorrow x

Sara x

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Tabiboo said...

Hi Sara,

just wanted to pop along and say 'Hello' and beautiful pictures. I'm pretty much on the mend now, thank you for asking, but my little one is now ill, I guess it's 'naughty mummy and her nasty germs' this time!! Will pop back later for a proper oggle at your blog, but have calpol, cuddles and juice to prescribe.

Have a lovely weekend and birthday's'

Nina x