Friday, 13 March 2009

Do something funny

for money ... go on you know you want to !!
Me i am going to a charity pamper evening this evening ,
my kidlets have done a special assembly in pyjama's and very funny it was
and taken part in a dress down day too !!

Its is also My darling girlies 14th birthday .. Happy Birthday Sweetie i hope you enjoy your day
and my 2nd bloggy birthday
so this weekend will be full of celebrations and cake eating too !

I have also done something very scary for me ... yes V its done !!
this is the one i choose !!

I will share what i have done eventually if it goes ok if not it will never be mentioned again ;0)

My birthday blog giveaway will start tomorrow only because i am short of time today but here's a clue to what you can win

you know what to do ...... just leave me a comment !!!

So have a great day and if you can give to comic relief , even if its only a pound ..
go on you can make a difference !!


Lynsey said...

Happy 14th Birthday to your not so lil' girl. Have fun and good luck with the pamper evening xxx

madmummy said...

What a busy day for you!Happy birthday girlie and blog!! Hope goes well tonight...
xxx Steph

Flossie and Tom said...

Happy Birthday Wishes from our house to yours

My hands are still stained red from the hair dyeing this morning - Miss T has gone to school in top to toe red !

Enjoy your evening


louise35flower said...

Happy Birthday to your girlie and your blog!
One of my girls is doing a 5 mile fun run in a purple tutu and a shark hat!
Have a great red nose day!
Louise x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Happy Red Nose Day!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Blogiversary!
I have a lovely red nose STUD in as I can't get the usual red noses over my piercing. Ouch! It makes the eyes water :O( And I have a clothes nose.
Kiddie has gone to school in PJs. If I wore mine everybody would just think I was being a slob for the day.
Please can I play at giveaway-ness. Some lovely bunting would be fab :O)
(btw I still need to sort out about the LA fabric from your clearout - what do I owe you?)

jennyflower said...

Have a great evening. Loving the flowery fabric. I also thought I'd drop in and just ask if you have managed to send of your mug swap yet? Sorry, I know you've got a lot on. xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi, Happy Birthday to your daughter and for your blog! I have an award for you over on my blog. I think your blog is great and has so many pretty things to look at. I know some people choose not to have these awards. So sorry if thats the case dont mean to offend.

Sarah said...

My birthday's on the 13th too, lucky for us!
Our school also had a dress down day today so hoepfully raised lots of money.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

happy everything to your house it sounds like a busy place to be :-)
enjoy the pamper evening thats such a good idea i shall file that in my ideas folder (in my head !)
lesley x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...
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Tillyboo said...

Wishing you lots of birthday wishes !
I've just donated after watching the little boy slip into a malaria coma and die. I sobbed and sobbed.

Hope you enjoyed the pampering x

Jenn said...

Happy birthday to your daughter and enjoy your evening!

Anonymous said...

Happy 14th to your daughter, and happy 2nd blogversary. Hope you all enjoy eating lots of cake and have lots of fun.

Rubys mamma x said...

Hey, ive just discovered your blog as i noticed you were following mine-you make AMAZING things!!! will check out your shop in a mo!!!
Kirsty xxxxxx

Jackie said...

Happy 2nd Bloggy Birthday Sara - I hope you have a great birthday weekend and enjoy your cake :O)

Lyn said...

So many things to celebrate!
Have fun, and I am just grateful we are able!