Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thank you

This week has been filled with the kindness of others
firstly i would like to say a huge big thank you to
Claire @ serendipity loves new york
for my gorgeous Valentines swap parcel

just look at all that lovelyness now i have been a good girl
and not opened these yet ... i am going to open them this afternoon
while enjoying some peace and quiet and the time to take some good photo's

i will add the photo's later

update ..... see look at the lovely notepads perfect fr my new sewing room
plus a mug and some choccy and sweet smelling soaps too

something has gone wrong with my photo's so i am going to take them again !

I have also treated myself to a Marie Claire magazine this week from
the very lovely Flossie and Tom who put in a great little booklet and some
of the Sarah Smith cleaning cloths !

Thank you so much

I was unsure if i should add this bit but today is a sad day for us here
me especially as it is the anniversary of my darling dads funeral
i still miss you loads dad x x


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Happy Valentine's day :)

saraeden said...

Thank you and Happy Valentines day to you too !!

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi Sara

Thanks for looking for the tin - are you sure its ok to send it to me - I will send you my CK one - I havent used it - its just been sitting in my sewing box looking pretty.

Will post on Monday if you are sure.

I'll have a look through my other French craft mags as well - I would love them to go to a home where they will be loved.

Sorry about the sad anniversary for you - he must have been a lovely man its proves it by how lovely you are !! And he gave you a great name !!! My dad picked my name - my mom wanted to call me Lisa


The sewing room said...

Lucky you such pretties, have a great valentine weekend best wishes Pat.