Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Around ish !!

I am around here ish !!
As you may know my boys have struggled at school and now it is their last year at Juniors ,
this has brought home to us just how far behind they seem to be !!
I as usual am having a massive stress and re thinking again about home schooling

So i need to get my house in order literally
my workroom first

So this week is going to be a bit hit and miss blogging wise
i do have lots more thank you's and lots of photo's to take as soon as i can find a tidy corner !!

so here's first coat

it was supposed to be pale green but i picked up the wrong tins .. silly me !!

So kelp it is but why the heck would kelp be a kind of duck egg blue colour ??
It is blue .. honest !!
Ok yes i know it looks grey but everything looks grey here today

Well off to get another coat on .... the walls not me !!

Update ... now its dry its more of a pale blue than duck egg but its dark outside now so who knows until the morning !!
I am now on the hunt for decent storage and a nice table to sew at !!!


Chrisy said...

...hope it works out with the boys...have u got somebody to help u if you did home schooling...

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Gosh Home schooling, i really admire people who can do that. I get very worried about the little bits of at home activities my eldest who is five brings home. My hat goes off to you Sara it really does.

I quite like the duck egg blue on your walls. I have a blind in that colour in my spare guest room/sewing room/Dump everything init if my Hubby has his way room!!!

Happy painting!

The sewing room said...

Hope every thing works out okay for you and your boys i am sure you will make the rigt decision.Look forward to seeing your craft room when it is done. Best wishes Pat

Jackie said...

Sara - I loved my little purchases from your Folksy shop - I didn't realise the little purse and cupcake keyring matched until they arrived - Thank you!

I have left you a little award over on my blog :O)