Tuesday, 13 January 2009


how do you take photo's of bunting in the middle of winter when its cold and grey

I need some sun !!!!
This is a piece of bunting from last year

it was a very popular item of mine and as some of you may know i am a little obsessive about bunting but just look at how gorgeous this piece is with a mix of vintage , new and thrifted fabrics

Ok enough stroking my ego !!

Has anyone got a magic wand to bring out Mr sun just for a little bit ;0)


CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

I'm having the same problem today! All my photos look really washed out :(

Andrea said...

Ahh, if I could send you some of our sun I would! I enjoy making bunting too but it seems to take me forever, cutting out all the flags, sewing them up, I ended up running out of patience so well done you!! Looks lovely! x

Flossie and Tom said...

Its beautiful - you dont need the sun !!

I cant believe your to do list - is that really just for a week ??

Think I better start going to bed later and getting up earlier !


knitsational said...

I love the fabrics you've used! I wish I did have a magic wand. I'm ready for the sun to come out!

saraeden said...

Thanks all of you , you are all so lovely . i have come up with a plan B i am going to make a light box .. wish me luck !!!

Sara x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

You don't need a lightbox ...
or the sun ....
All will be revealed in my next blog post!

(Hmmm, I bet I've made that sound way more interesting than it will be!)

mollycupcakes said...

I went outside and waved the girls magic wands but oh poo it's all dark now lol
Maybe it will work for tomorrow, fingers crossed honey.
I just hate dull old Jan don't you?
Speak soon,
Catherine x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...


Jackie said...

I dedicated my latest post to winter photography.

Buffy said...

The bunting is gorgeous x x

Sunshine or no sunshine :D

Thanks for your comment on my blog, you made my day!

I am excited :) I have sent you my Info via PM on the Craft forum,

Thanks Sara,
~Buffy x x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi swap partner, there will always be room for more hearts..lol!! Well before we know it, the swap will be here, how exciting! Take care..Claire xx