Wednesday, 21 January 2009

How many

of you lovely peeps homeschool ?
I need lots of info on the subject please X x X x

ooooh and look the sun came out yesterday !!!
I love the light in winter when the sun is out all those rich warm colours .


Mrs B said...

I haven't come to any decisions yet but I don't send jo to nursery or a playgroup, we do everything together, baking, making, shopping, talking, painting etc living life and I read a really interesting article in junior about a movement called unschooling! look at this blog on it! x

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi -I homeschool and so does Happy Loves Rosie - my son is 12 - we started after primary school.

My daughter is in yr 6 at primary school so we start homeschooling in Sept with her.

Email me if you want


KirstyFish said...

I didn't send my 4yr old last sept... I am feeling under a bit of pressure to send her this September ... we'll see but iam involved in the world of Home Educationx x