Tuesday, 20 January 2009

All change

a long time ago i made this
please excuse the poor photo it was taken with my old camera !!

over time things change and i stopped making this style of purse
ok the truth is a mastered the ZIP .. yay !!!
so zips in purses became my new thing

Then at some of the fairs last year i was asked for simple ipod or gadget covers

so i have given the little purse a bit of a face lift and a bit of applique
and i am please so far ...

I have removed the flap and used some of my mahoosive pile of felt (instead of Cotton duck)
a little red spot fabric and little applique stitching and some gorgeous toadstool fabric on the inside !!
I have also added a loop and button on the others i have made so far i did think of buttons or velcro but i hate buttonholes and i have run out of velcro !!!!

I have made some more like this but i cannot show you as they are pressies for peoples !!

I do like to change things and i know that this design is no way unique
I just drew a simple shape thats it .
I think we can all put our own twist on things so feel free to use this shape

this one is mine for my little phone

*** would anyone be interested on a simple tutorial for this pouch ?????


Vanessa said...

Oh look at you moving on your work!

It looks good!

Vanessa x

Flossie and Tom said...

I love it - you are very clever - I want to attempt some sewing but I've never had very good results before so I am a bit nervous


Buffy said...

They are lovely! my DD is in love with the cupcake ;)

I love the loop and button I crocheted an ipod for my sister and I too thought velcro! but had none lol so I did a loop trim and button.

I'd love to try your version a tutorial would be fantastic! :)

~Buffy x x

MollyandIzzie said...

I love it! I would be interested in the tutorial as sewing is not my forte!
x x x

HoldMyHand said...

These are lovely, the felt would make a nice contrast to the plastic/metal gadget.
I would love a tutorial my other half wants an iPod cosy, which I was going to try and knit but sewing this would be quicker for me!


pink-petal-designs said...

lOVING the cupcake one Sara, i liked the first one toi bought it and its still in use now. xx