Sunday, 30 November 2008

Yay i have a day off a lovely sunny but very frosty day off ...
well if you count going shopping for new shoes for eldest girlie
a day off then yep i have a day off !!

No fairs today !!

I have had a busy past few days
3 fairs in 2 days
2 ok
1 very good !!

Now i have lots more sewing to do
orders to finish and my website to update with lots of lovely things
I did hold back from putting some things on my website as i was taking them to the fairs but at the past few fairs people have asked if they can get lots of the things of the website
as they hadn't got enough cash with them or wanted to get things as a surprise !!

So now i just need to get some nice shots done
wish me luck !!
I have already been out in the garden to get some frosty shots
which i could spend all day doing


Katy said...

your camera is taking some fab shots at the minute. Is it the camera or is it you? I need a new camera - what have you got?

nimblejacks said...

snap with the frosty garden shots did you go out in just your dressing gown like me? Good job it was too early for the neighbours to be up and about! Not organised enough for the craft fairs this year maybe next time....

Jackie said...

Snap too with the frosty cow parsley shots! How funny. I'm off to look at nimble jacks now.